Welcome to Rockleigh Country Club - Your Dream Wedding Venue

Jan 7, 2018

Are you searching for a picturesque, elegant, and unforgettable wedding venue in New Jersey? Look no further than Rockleigh Country Club. With its stunning surroundings, exquisite architecture, and luxurious amenities, Rockleigh Country Club offers an idyllic setting to celebrate your big day. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our versatile event spaces are tailored to accommodate your unique needs.

Unparalleled Beauty and Sophistication

At Rockleigh Country Club, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life. That's why we strive to provide a breathtaking backdrop for your special day. Nestled in the heart of New Jersey, our club boasts lush gardens, magnificent ballrooms, and unparalleled views. From the moment you step foot on our property, you'll be captivated by the natural beauty and sophistication that surrounds you.

Award-Winning Services

As a leading New Jersey wedding venue, Rockleigh Country Club offers a range of award-winning services to ensure your wedding exceeds all expectations. Our dedicated team of event planners, coordinators, and experienced staff will go above and beyond to create a seamless and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. From assisting with menu selection to coordinating the decor, we handle every detail with meticulous care.

Exquisite Cuisine

Indulge in culinary delights prepared by our highly skilled and talented chefs. We take utmost pride in offering a delectable menu that can be customized to your preferences. Whether you desire a lavish multi-course feast or a more intimate, family-style dining experience, our culinary team will create a mouthwatering menu that will leave your guests impressed.

Exceptional Wedding Photography by Jillian Keats

Make your wedding memories last a lifetime with the exceptional photography services provided by Jillian Keats, a renowned New Jersey wedding photographer. With her keen eye for detail and passion for capturing emotions, Jillian will artistically document every cherished moment of your special day. From candid shots to stunning portraits, Jillian's photography will allow you to relive the joy and love you experienced on your wedding day.

Unforgettable Experiences

Rockleigh Country Club offers more than just a venue. We offer a memorable experience that extends beyond your wedding day. With our world-class amenities, including a championship golf course, luxurious spa, and upscale accommodations, you and your guests can indulge in relaxation and entertainment before and after the celebration. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that your entire wedding experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Host Your Dream Wedding at Rockleigh Country Club

Ready to start planning your dream wedding at Rockleigh Country Club? Contact our knowledgeable team today to schedule a tour of our stunning venue. Let us help you create a wedding that surpasses all expectations and leaves you with cherished memories for a lifetime. Trust Rockleigh Country Club and Jillian Keats, the leading wedding venue and photographer in New Jersey, to make your special day truly extraordinary.

Mieke Thorson
This is the perfect venue...
Oct 5, 2023
Prakash Bajracharya
The attention to detail in the architecture and design is remarkable. It's clear why this venue is so sought after.
Jul 6, 2023
Don Hills
The charm of Rockleigh Country Club is undeniable. It's a wonderful choice for a memorable wedding.
Feb 17, 2021
Emily Noakes
Impressive! The amenities definitely make it a top choice for a dream wedding venue.
Jan 17, 2021
Genaro Morales
Rockleigh Country Club looks like the perfect blend of elegance and natural beauty.
Jun 13, 2020
John Giannone
The lush surroundings would create the most romantic atmosphere for a wedding.
Mar 23, 2020
Martijn De
I can imagine how magical a wedding would be in such a picturesque setting.
Jan 31, 2020
Silvania Freitas
The architecture and surroundings are simply breathtaking! 😍
Jun 8, 2019
Hee Yim
Such a lovely venue for creating lasting memories on your special day.
Mar 25, 2019
Zhenbo Zhao
I've heard so many wonderful things about Rockleigh Country Club. It truly seems like a dream wedding venue.
Aug 25, 2018
David Light
The classic and timeless beauty of Rockleigh Country Club is truly captivating.
Jun 2, 2018
Mercedes Unknown
The Rockleigh Country Club is definitely worth considering for anyone looking for a dream wedding venue.
Mar 8, 2018