15 of the Best Ice Cream Shops in Morris County, NJ

Feb 7, 2019
Ice Cream Shops


Welcome to Jillian Keats, your go-to source for the most indulgent and flavorful ice cream experiences in Morris County, NJ. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a delightful journey through the 15 best ice cream shops in the area. Whether you are a local resident or planning a visit, you cannot miss out on these extraordinary establishments that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings like never before.

Why Morris County, NJ?

Morris County, located in northern New Jersey, offers a vibrant and diverse ice cream scene that caters to all taste preferences. With its picturesque surroundings and rich history, this county provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying a delicious frozen treat. From small, family-owned parlors to trendy creameries, Morris County has it all. Let's dive into the top 15 ice cream shops that have become local favorites.

1. Scoop & Joy

Scoop & Joy is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Morris County. With its cozy ambiance and friendly staff, this shop guarantees a memorable ice cream experience. Their wide array of flavors ranges from the classic vanilla and chocolate to unique creations like lavender honey and blackberry basil. Each scoop is carefully handcrafted with premium ingredients sourced from local farms, ensuring the highest quality and taste.

2. Creamy Delights

Prepare to be delighted at Creamy Delights, where artistry meets ice cream. This whimsical parlor offers an extraordinary selection of imaginative flavors that will awaken your taste buds. From the velvety caramel sea salt to the tangy raspberry rose, their creations are a true sensory delight. The shop also caters to dietary restrictions, offering vegan and gluten-free options without compromising on taste or texture.

3. Frozen Bliss

At Frozen Bliss, you will find a haven for ice cream enthusiasts seeking both classic and innovative flavors. This family-owned shop takes pride in their rich heritage and uses time-honored recipes passed down through generations. Indulge in their best-selling homemade waffle cones paired with flavors like bourbon pecan and matcha green tea. You won't be able to resist coming back for seconds!

4. Sweet Swirls

Experience a burst of flavors at Sweet Swirls, where creativity is celebrated with every scoop. This vibrant ice cream parlor offers an ever-changing menu of seasonal delights that reflect the local produce available. From juicy strawberry rhubarb to refreshing lemon lavender, their flavors are a testament to their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients. Step inside and let your taste buds dance in pure delight.

5. Frosty Cones

Frosty Cones brings nostalgia and timeless classics to Morris County's ice cream scene. This charming roadside stand has been serving up happiness for decades. Indulge in their creamy soft-serve cones, sprinkled with nostalgic toppings like rainbow jimmies and crushed chocolate cookie pieces. Make sure to try their signature sundae, piled high with hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

6. The Ice Cream Shack

Step back in time and relish the old-fashioned charm of The Ice Cream Shack. Located in a picturesque countryside setting, this enchanting shop offers a delightful range of homemade flavors that will transport you to summers long gone. From zesty lemon custard to rich butter pecan, every scoop is made with love and care. Take a moment to savor your ice cream while enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

7. Heavenly Scoops

Indulge in heavenly delights at Heavenly Scoops, one of Morris County's most beloved ice cream parlors. This family-friendly establishment offers an extensive menu of flavors that caters to all ages. From classic favorites like cookies and cream to whimsical creations like unicorn swirl, every scoop is packed with flavor. Don't forget to try their homemade hot fudge, a heavenly addition to any ice cream creation.

8. Sugar Rush

If you have a sweet tooth, Sugar Rush is the place to satisfy your sugar cravings. This trendy shop is known for its extravagant ice cream sundaes that are nothing short of a work of art. Picture towering scoops of ice cream adorned with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a variety of colorful toppings. Whether you choose the cotton candy explosion or the chocolate lover's dream, each creation promises to be a sugar-filled adventure.

9. Chilly Treats

Cool off and treat yourself to a delightful experience at Chilly Treats. This cheerful ice cream parlor combines classic flavors with modern twists, offering the perfect balance of familiarity and innovation. Indulge in their handmade milkshakes or build your own sundae masterpiece, choosing from an array of mouthwatering toppings. With its friendly atmosphere and flavorful treats, Chilly Treats is a must-visit for ice cream enthusiasts.

10. The Creamery

The Creamery is a hidden gem that showcases the essence of Morris County. Nestled in the rolling hills, this picturesque shop offers not only delicious ice cream but also breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Treat yourself to their signature flavors like fresh mint chocolate chip and homemade strawberry while savoring the tranquil atmosphere. It's an experience that will leave you refreshed and satisfied.

11. Dreamy Scoops

Prepare to enter a dreamlike state at Dreamy Scoops, where ice cream fantasies become a reality. This whimsical parlor takes pride in its meticulously crafted flavors that are designed to ignite your imagination. From the tropical coconut paradise to the decadent dark chocolate truffle, each scoop is made with precision and care. Indulge in your favorite flavors or allow yourself to be surprised by their rotating menu of limited-edition creations.

12. The Sugar Cone

The Sugar Cone is a local favorite, renowned for its generous portions and delectable homemade ice cream. This family-owned parlor offers an extensive selection of mouthwatering flavors, ranging from traditional favorites to unique seasonal creations. Combine your favorite flavors in a sugar cone or sample their selection of handmade ice cream cakes. The Sugar Cone is all about making memories and spreading joy through their delightful treats.

13. Ice Cream Express

Embark on a journey of flavor at Ice Cream Express, where every scoop tells a story. This charming ice cream parlor takes inspiration from different cultures around the world, offering an eclectic menu that celebrates diversity. From the creamy yuzu matcha to the fragrant saffron pistachio, their creations will transport you to far-off lands. Grab a scoop and let your taste buds embark on a delicious adventure.

14. Sweet Sensations

Experience pure bliss at Sweet Sensations, an ice cream shop dedicated to crafting unforgettable frozen treats. This trendy and stylish parlor offers a wide range of flavors, catering to all taste preferences. From the refreshing watermelon sorbet to the indulgent chocolate peanut butter swirl, every spoonful will leave you wanting more. With its vibrant atmosphere and delectable offerings, Sweet Sensations is a must-visit for any ice cream connoisseur.

15. Sugar & Spice

Finish your ice cream journey on a high note at Sugar & Spice, a charming little shop that combines sweet and spicy flavors in perfect harmony. Known for their unique creations like cinnamon chai and spicy chocolate, this establishment offers a refreshing twist on traditional ice cream. Indulge in their homemade waffle bowls or treat yourself to a delightful affogato, a combination of espresso and ice cream that will awaken your senses.


Morris County, NJ, is home to some of the best ice cream shops you'll ever encounter. From quaint family-owned parlors to trendy and innovative creameries, these establishments offer a wide range of flavors and experiences that will satisfy even the most discerning ice cream enthusiasts. No matter which shop you choose to visit, be prepared to embark on a delightful journey of flavors and indulge in frozen delights that will leave you craving more. So, grab a scoop and savor the taste of Morris County, NJ!


Jillian Keats and its website do not endorse any specific ice cream shop mentioned in this article. The information provided is for informational purposes only and is based on personal experiences and research. We encourage readers to visit multiple ice cream shops and form their own opinions. Enjoy your ice cream adventures!

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